Katherine Lewis basket maker

Dunbar Gardens in Mount Vernon, Washington is the home of willow basket maker Katherine Lewis. She and husband Steve Lospalluto grow selected varieties of basketry willow which are cut annually, dried, and sorted to weave beautiful functional baskets. Willow baskets handcrafted to last a lifetime while reflecting the natural beauty of the willows.

Katherine Lewis willow basketmakerAlthough willow is a common basketry material throughout the world, Katherine is one of a few who is actively growing and crafting her own willow in the United States. From the harvest of the basketry willow to the finished baskets, the work is all done by hand by Katherine and Steve. In 2011, Katherine was honored to have several of her baskets acquired by the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum as part of the Cole-Ware Collection of American baskets. Katherine’s baskets are in use in hundreds of homes around the country as well.

Katherine Lewis willow baskets


Katherine occasionally teaches willow basketmaking classes at basketry events around the country. Please explore our website to find out more about Katherine’s willow baskets, her schedule of shows and events, growing willow, our small farm in the Pacific Northwest, and how to buy our products. You will find more contact information in the footer of this page. There is a convenient link to our facebook page and our instagram feed as well as a signup form for our newsletter.

harvested basketry willow at Dunbar Gardens